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The perfect gift for a loved one - Make someones Soul Happy

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Do what makes your Soul Happy

Soul Happy Studio is a body-positive body casting studio in Northampton

We offer a range of casting services, workshops and comissioned art pieces

Keep Memories Forever

Whether it be a special anniversary, a new family member or memorialising a passion, we can create a beautiful memory for you and your family. Comission a custom piece of artwork for your family home or get involved in the casting process in one of our casting workshops


All shapes and sizes

We love all bodies! Here at Soul Happy Studio we have absorbed any material related costs for larger casts into our overall costs therefore we dont feel the need to charge people with larger bodies more than people with smaler bodies. We're striving to make people more body-positive and by having a flat fee for bodycasts that isnt depenand on weight or size we are more confident that we're achieving our goal


We have got you covered

You can choose to have you cast done in our beautiful garden studio in Northampton, in the comfort of your home, or anywhere else you choose. We also offer 'On the Day' services where we will come to your event and complete a private cast of you and your loved ones to commemorate your special day.

Create something beautiful today...

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I wasn't quite prepared for the rush of emotion that swept over me when I saw how beautiful the casting was. A frozen moment in time, a permanent reminder of just how small her little hand was at this age. The moulding experience was a giggle, Poppy was professional and their expertise shone throughout. The details level in the cast is mesmerising and I couldn't be more happy with the finished piece, it's just beautiful.

- Kelly, Family Hand Cast